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.NET Core
.NET Core framework

A fully open-source managed cross-platform and free software framework for developing interactive web applications, the .NET Core framework works great on any operating systems such as Windows, macOS and the Linux operating systems. When it comes to designing and creating reliable web applications, there are literally many open source tools and frameworks but what makes .NET Core the ideal choice is its excellent features and its flexibility to work in any operating system environment.

Simply put, the .NET Core is a combined formation of multiple technologies namely ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web API’s. The .NET Core framework generally supports four cross-platform scenarios which are ASP.NET Core web apps, Command-line apps, Libraries and Universal Windows Platform apps.

Reasons to choose .NET Core

Unified Architecture

The biggest advantage of .NET Core is that its architecture is a combination of the .NET Model View Controller and Web API’s which enables the developers to design, develop and also test the web applications faster and more efficiently.

Razor Pages

One of the biggest features introduced in .NET Core version 2.0 is the Razor pages. This feature is enabled by dependency injection in the startup class. Razor pages make the development of page scenarios more fluid and productive. Since it is a page-based coding model, it makes developing web UI easier.

SignalR Java Client

The latest ASP.NET Core latest feature includes the addition of a Java client for SignalR. SignalR is a developer’s API for building web applications. With SignalR, it enables adding real-time functionalities in the application It is a library that allows the server code to send asynchronous notifications to client-side web applications.

Integrated Dependency Injection

Dependency injection allows weak coupling and better code testability for application development. The flexibility of .NET Core frameworks relies on dependency injection. Dependency Injection is one of the essential features of ASP.NET Core framework. Also, .NET Core supports native integration of dependency injection.


The thing about .NET Core applications is that they no longer require Internet Information Services (IIS) for hosting, they can be self-hosted. For the Linux distributions, the application can be hosted on Ngnix.

Cross-Platform Support

Another unique feature that makes .NET Core preferred for web applications is its flexibility across different platforms such as Windows, MacOS, Linux etc. Developers can now design and deploy web applications using technologies like Docker, Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes on any platform with ease.

What We Provide

At Netcrop Technologies, we provide the best in class .NET core services for designing and developing interactive web applications for our respective clients. Before we initiate the project, we discuss the necessary requirements with the clients. Based on the client requests and our core team’s sharpened skill set, we begin the development of the application. Brainfuel also ensures that the applications and services are delivered to the client as soon as possible. Our customized services and frameworks include the following

  • ASP.NET Core Consulting Services
  • ASP.NET Core Application Development
  • ASP.NET Core Cloud-Based Services
  • The UI/UX of a site can define the brand image and brand purpose.
  • ASP.NET migration to ASP.NET Core

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