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Netcrop Technologies helps businesses in the manufacturing industry ignite and realize their tactical goals. We provide high quality software and solutions for the manufacturing industry to line up their operations and processes with the demand of customers. We know how to facilitate IT based associations with suppliers for better returns.

Our collective knowledge of several decades in the IT industry has been allowing us to provide multi-dealer, multi-lingual and multi-branch software and solutions. Our solutions for the manufacturing industry are designed in a way so they that aid businesses to bring down costs and to speed up existing resources / processes for the fulfillment of new opportunities. Our software systems provide enhanced performance and competitiveness to the end-customers of our clients. We, our industries, economy, and the whole world are driven by the manufacturing industry. It’s the backbone of the global economy.

From the screen you are reading this information on to the wheel that drove you to your office in the morning, to the coffee machine that made coffee several times in a day to beverages or snacks you have in a party, everything we use or consume is produced by businesses somewhere. They manufacture different products through dynamic trading systems, which intimidate them to manufacture qualitative goods every time, in a profit-rendering approach.
Challenges faced by businesses in the Manufacturing Industry


The global reach of manufacturers has created cut-throat competition. Wrongly managed labor-costs, inefficiently execution of processes, and not having a proper number of suppliers, holdup companies from producing qualitative product economically.


Not having a proper resource management system does result in as a huge inefficiency in the business workflow. With no trace of delayed transportation or control on overproduction and product defect creates legs in a business’ revenue streams and Capacity Management.


Governments around the world are imposing regulations to improve the working condition of workers and to safeguard their rights. Manufacturers not complying with these local, national, and international regulations can be levied with fines and penalties.

Manufacturers to transform their IT strategies through

  • Streamlining processes to achieve higher operational efficiency with Supply Chain Optimization solutions. Improving productivity and decreasing cost with portals of suppliers and scorecards, inventory and warehouse management, production planning with E-procurement and ERP,
  • Managing multi-lingual dealers and customer portals with Customer and dealer management systems,
  • Managing warranties, services, and spare parts with the solutions for After sales services,
  • Managing compliance with documents, product information, and other sorts of content with Content Management system.

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