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  • Fourth Floor, SSR Complex, Above ICICI Bank Ltd, Thubrahalli, Varthur Main Road, Whitefield, Bengaluru - 560066

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we create a one-stop platform that can connect seamless with the clients and help them to get their dreams to come true.

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About us

Alphonso Technologies

Alphonso Technologies was “born” out of the desire to bring the top and finest Android and iOS engineers from around the world together to develop specialized, unique, and technologically advanced mobile apps for the world’s leading brands, enterprises, startups, and businesses. We have the “Get Things Done” culture at our workplace. There are no excuses, no if’s or but’s in our dictionary. Committed to navigating the ship of creativity to create mobile solutions, we solve the real-life problems of our clients and their customers. Our passion for work has won us many awards, year after year.

  • Our Vision: We visualize the future to be ‘mobile’. We work to assure that there is an emotional connection, not only between your users and your app but also between the users and your brand.
  • Our Mission: Every project we take is as exciting as a Space Mission for us. And making us yearn for more. We aim to touch as many human lives as possible and help them achieve their goals.
  • Our Core Values: We have five pillars that we have built our empire on Attitude, Integrity, Transparency, Excellence and Professionalism.


What industries we have


Mobiles and tablets are becoming popular platforms for e-learning application development. A massive growth in people using mobile devices to access e-learning content has been noticed. Unlike PCs or laptops, mobile devices offer users with instant access to e-learning content anytime, anywhere.


Businesses in the manufacturing industry ignite and realize their tactical goals. We provide high quality software and solutions for the manufacturing industry to line up their operations and processes with the demand of customers. We know how to facilitate IT based associations with suppliers for better returns.


Restaurant mobile app development is the way by which offerings of restaurants can be brought online. Orders can be placed online and food items can be delivered at doorstep of customer's home. Even if a restaurant is not willing to enter app based food ordering and delivery business, it can do a lot with a dedicated restaurant app.


A lot of things of the healthcare and medical have gone online, through websites and mobile apps. The presence of the internet is firmly visible in health, medical, medicine and lifestyle domains. Many of them are merely targeted to mobile devices which of course give a strong base to the concept of m-Health.


Human Resources Balancing

We work for varys organizations in different roles that produce different services. We are conscientious for recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing deserved candidates. We may also handle Employee Relations, payroll, Benefits and fewmore.

  • Policy Formulation.
  • Risk Management.
  • Strategic Management.
  • Workforce Planning and Employment (recruitment and selection).


What technologies we provides

Create & deliver highly responsive and reliable custom web applications using Java development services from Brainfuel, the best java development company. At Netcrop Technologies, we offer quality enterprise Java development services to clients all around the globe.
Microsoft SharePoint serves as a powerful content management and document management platform for enterprises. Essentially, it connects people within an organization and empowers them with the information required for seamless collaboration.
PHP is the best programming language for experts to provide cutting-edge open source development solutions. A PHP development Company benefits their clients and their businesses in multiple ways due to a user-friendly programming language, secure, and compatible with all devices.

React JS is an open source JavaScript framework acclaimed for being high-performance, robust, and scalable. It is capable of rendering interactive UI designs for both, web and mobile applications.
Leveraging the advantages of Android such as user-friendliness, versatility and flexibility, Brain Fuel delivers Android app development services to our clients worldwide utilizing the all the features and advantages of the Android platform.
Leverage the potential of the advanced Python development framework and tools to create best-in-class websites and web and mobile applications.

A fully open-source managed cross-platform and free software framework for developing interactive web applications, the .NET Core framework works great on any operating systems such as Windows, macOS and the Linux operating systems.
Laravel is a widely acclaimed open-source PHP framework that is appreciated for a code syntax which is simple yet extensive. With features such as a modular packaging system, refined ORM, dedicated dependency manager, enriched unit testing, flexible migration options.
Vue.js is an open-source, progressive JavaScript framework that is gaining popularity like no other JavaScript framework. Today, Vue.js app development is being widely used in the mobile app development industry because of its adaptive interface and single-page applications.

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Fourth Floor, SSR Complex, Above ICICI Bank Ltd, Thubrahalli, Varthur Main Road, Whitefield, Bengaluru - 560066

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