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E-learning Application Development

Mobiles and tablets are becoming popular platforms for e-learning application development. A massive growth in people using mobile devices to access e-learning content has been noticed. Unlike PCs or laptops, mobile devices offer users with instant access to e-learning content anytime, anywhere.

Rapidsoft Technologies aids clients through creating engaging and informative e-learning content to be supplied as courses. We associate with organizations for their e-learning application development requirements targeted at mobile or tablets platforms. Our team of developers work in a project-managed environment designed to rapidly accelerate the development of high-quality e-learning applications. Designers, developers, instructional experts and script writers in our e-learning application development team collaborates the project with client's staff and executes the process according to the ongoing industry trends.

Our education application development expertise is rather seamless for high-profile clients who need practically useful information for a variety of their learning processes. We help organizations by delivering simplest training supports and learning solutions for complex business challenges. We follow a well-defined, well-structured construction of courses and present them through friendliest user-interface and user experience. With rich knowledge of technologies, we are able to produce industry-specific learning apps for a range of situations and make them accessible via smartphones or tablets. We drive value and create high-level of interactivity to make e-learning influential. Our e-learning app developers know the best uses of native programming languages, web technologies, and various video & audio formats in a mobile based e-learning applications.
Advantages of e-learning app development


With elearning apps, it's quite handier to rapidly create and communicate about new policies, training, concepts and ideas. E-learning is agile whether it,s applied to education or entertainment.

High Retention Rate

Elearning apps are based on blended approaches of learning which result in high rate of retention. Students can be presented with highly inspirational environment of learning that helps them leran more, for a long time.

Capability and Consistency

With an elearning app, educators are able to achieve higher level of coverage of audience. Also, messages remain consistence because a single communication can be sent to the whole group connected with the app.

Savings Of Time And Money

With an elearning application development, college, schools and training institute can save huge money required to manage classroom-based training. At the pupils' part, elearning apps reduce the time required in traveling as study materials can be made available on their devices - smartphones and tablets.


Learning turns out to be more interesting and fast-grabbing when students learn things at their convenience. They can access study materials regardless of time and place. They can learn even when they are traveling.

Reduce the Carbon Footprint

When learning is provided through smartphones, tablets, PCs, it's possible to totally remove papers from the whole process. Exams, testing, quizzes and study material can be brought online which will hugely reduce the carbon footprint created by the paper based learning process.

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